Foundations of Hospitality Marketing

  • Author: DCT
  • Level: Introduction
  • Study time: 4 hours
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This course is designed to provide you with a basic understanding of Marketing and its application in the hospitality industry. In this course you will learn the meaning of Marketing in Hospitality; focusing on understanding customers and their decision making processes. The course offers a wide spectrum of knowledge on the main characteristics of a marketing plan and how to develop traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Complete the course quizzes for a DCT-Online Certificate of Completion.
  • Video time: 13 lessons
  • Exams: Five Quizzes

What you will learn


The basic concepts and practices of modern hospitality marketing and application of these concepts to hospitality industry situations


How to analyse the hospitality customer and his/her decision making process in order to target the most profitable ones 


The basics of product development using the STP method


The role of distribution channels and communication in hospitality markets 


The basics of digital marketing in the context of hospitality
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